Travel by train & bike in Slovenia

Rijeka (Croatia) to Ljubljana (Slovenia) by train and bicycle

Direct trains run twice daily from Rijeka in Croatia to Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital.

The journey takes around 3 hours; the morning train is a few minutes slower.


Rijeka 11:50 ... Ljubljana 14:57
(train number 482, train name "Ljubljana")

Rijeka 18:47 ... Ljubljana 21:47
(train number 480)

Train timetable Rijeka - Ljubljana

Timetable for the 11:50 train "Ljubljana" from Rijeka to Ljubljana, via Šapjane and Logatec.

We caught the morning train. 

It's composed of modern Slovenian Railways carriages.

First class and second class seats are available; there's not much difference between the two, except for the colour scheme and little paper antimacassars on the head-rests in first class.

Both first and second class sections are laid out in 2+1 format, so there's plenty of space.

First-class carriage on the Rijeka - Ljubljana train

First-class carriage on the Rijeka - Ljubljana train

Second-class carriage on the Rijeka - Ljubljana train

Second-class carriage on the Rijeka - Ljubljana train

Reservations are not required, and Interrail passes are accepted.

The train has a scheduled 15 minute stop at the border station of Sapjane to switch from a Croatian to a Slovenian locomotive, and a 16 minute pause at Ilirska Bistrica on the Slovenian side, for Reasons Unknown.

We got off at Logatec, two stops before Ljubljana, to complete the journey by bike. (Details below.)

Station at Logatec, Slovenia

Station at Logatec, Slovenia

Logatec to Ljubljana (Slovenia) by bike

It's 35 km, more or less, from Logatec to Ljubljana, and it's mostly easy and pleasant cycling.

The station at Logaetc, Slovenia

Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Budapest (Hungary) by train

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