Interrail in Montenegro

Is Interrail valid in Montenegro?

Yes, Interrail passes are valid in Montenegro.

But — before you buy your Interrail pass for your Montenegro railway journey, read the notes below!

Is Interrail worth it in Montenegro?

Almost certainly not! The railway network in Montenegro is very limited, so it's definitely not worth buying an Interrail pass if you're only going to be travelling in Montenegro.

There's basically only one passenger rail line, running from the Serbian border at Bijelo Polje through the capital at Podgorica and down to Bar on the coast.

The longest rail journey you can make in Montenegro, from Bijelo Polje all the way to Bar, costs only €7.20 (or €10.80 in first class  —why not?), so unless you plan to ride up and down this line several times a day, every day, for a month, then it really isn't worth getting an Interrail pass for your train journeys in Montenegro.

Of course, if you're going to be travelling in other countries too besides Montenegro, that's a different matter: then Interrail can definitely still make sense.