33 rides Podcast

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Yes, the 33rides project comes complete with its very own 33rides podcast.

Are we excited about this? You betcha! Listen via the links below, or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Photograph of Anna Hughes, Director of Flight Free UK

Episode 1 - Anna Hughes

Featuring Anna Hughes, Director of Flight Free UK.

In this pair of episodes, find out about the Flight Free Challenge, life on a canal boat, and how Anna joined the Madmen of Mont Ventoux.

Listen to Part 1

Listen to Part 2

Photograph of Alastair Humphreys in his writing shed

Episode 2 - Alastair Humphreys

Featuring Alastair Humphreys, macro-adventurer and micro-adventurer.

Alastair talks to us about going away on adventures... and coming home again.

And how he went from being a full-blooded carnivore who sneered at wimpy vegans to being a full-on tree-hugging chickpea-lover.

Listen here!